No. 5

Model: Caroline White

Photographer: Alex Baker 

Stylist: Alex Baker

Makeup artist: Alex Baker 

FashionAlex Baker
A Voyage into Wonderland

In evolution of controversial ideals, Alex Baker’s recent avant-garde enlarges the idea of an incoherent society and the relationships (or lack of) between heterogeneity. Showing that majority exudes hesitation and hatred while minority pushes for integration, acceptance and respect. 

Less transgressively, a clear handbag bearing an iconic goldfish is paired with a neutral colour palette and oversized knit wear. This silhouette, allied with cropped — straight-legged trousers, long length skirts, and contemporary adornments are styled effortlessly with elegance. The aforementioned, 1997 vinyl Hermes bag, was mnemonically centralized around the terrorist attacks in previous years upon Paris. An attack prompted out of prejudice against religious and racial ideals lending commentary to current-day blitzkrieg and acts of hatred happening throughout the world. 

From this, the essence of unity surfaces — the lack of peace throughout mankind. The goldfish provides an archetype for humanity — hundreds of identified species of goldfish that we categorize jointly but the human race marginalizes the distinctions between them. Similarly characterizing the human race may reduce the diversity that isolates us. When the dominance of fear and hatred are at the forefront of headlines, ipso facto, these remarks are dystopian. This is what's happening around us — this is reality, this is anything but “wonderland.”

Model: Caroline White

Photographer: Alex Baker 

Stylist: Carlin Rollenhagen

Makeup artist: Alex Baker 

FashionAlex Baker
Zack and McKenna

A few weeks ago, Zack and McKenna attended their final prom together. The couple looked stunning and their chemistry was quite evident throughout our time together shooting. Zach and McKenna were Inspired by old photographs of McKenna's own grandparent's prom back in their day and decided to recreate these moments (Bottom Right). To create a new look and put a spin on these classic looks, adventures led to one of my favorite locations- an old building in downtown Muskegon. The pastel pinks and greens of the interior of the building created a unique manner for this stunning couple. 

Alex Baker
Wedding Portfolio Update

Out of the different lifestyle sessions I offer,
wedding photography has created a special place for itself.
With summer wedding season approaching and 2016 booking season coming to a close, I was taking a look at past photographs and put together a small sample. 

(Top left): Crawford Wedding 2015, (Top Right): Grotenhuis Wedding 2014, (Top Middle): Miller Wedding 2015, (Middle): Crawford Wedding 2015, (Left & Right): Writz Wedding 2015, (Below): Writz Wedding 2015, (Left & Right): Grotenhuis Wedding 2014, (Bottom): Writz Wedding 2015. 

Photos by: Alex Baker/Alex Baker Photography shot
with Kimberly Sorenson of Studio K Photography
and Laurel Burgam

Wedding photography pricing

WeddingAlex Baker